My story…

I’m a mom like you! I have two kids, currently a toddler and an infant, as well as two dogs. I work from home when the kids and dogs are napping (ha!), but mostly when they go down for the evening.

I know how tough it can be to juggle everything. It’s hard enough to parent little humans, yet alone a whole other species!

That’s why I’ve put together this site, to bring everything together into one place. So, you can easily stay on top of your canine parenting game, human parenting game, and get a little food for the soul for yourself!

Please stay awhile, and make yourself at home. Also, please introduce your self in the comments, I’d love to say “hello!” I hope you find the site helpful and that we can get to know each other soon :)!


My German Shepherd, Max, my infant son, my toddler daughter, and my rescue girl, Iry.